Applying for a residence permit
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    Applying for a Residence Permit

    A Residence Permit allows eligible non-Mauritian citizens to enter and live in Mauritius for full-time or part-time studies. An application for a permit is determined by the Passport and Immigration Office and is subject to it being complete and accompanied by appropriate supporting documents.

    • The Process

      After full payment  of tuition fee deposit, a receipt and Unconditional Offer Letter will be issued.

      The student must send the following documents by courier to the Admissions Office at the Campus (Coastal Road, 90203, Uniciti, MAURITIUS)

      • Signed unconditional offer from the University;
      • Completed the Application to Enter Mauritius form;
      • 4 passport size photos;
      • Copy of passport data page;
      • Undertaking from a parent confirming their financial commitment (dated and signed);
      • Provide a recent and original (not print out) bank statement dated not more than 3 months, of no more than 3-5 pages.  The statement should bear the signature of the Bank officer and seal of the Bank.  Your balance must show sufficient funds, an equivalents of MUR100,000 after paying the deposit of your tuition fees.
      • Undertaking from the student (dated and signed).

      The Admission Office will submit the above-mentioned documents along with the below-mentioned documents to Passport and Immigration Office (PIO), Port-Louis.

      • Sponsorship letter from Middlesex University Mauritius Branch Campus;
      • Receipt for the payment of tuition and accommodation fee.

      The PIO will process and issue the Provisional Student Entry Visa within 4 weeks. The issued permit will be sent to the student by email. Please ensure your passport is valid throughout the period of your studies to avoid unnecessary delays.

      The PIO will require the full contact details of the landlord and the complete property address before issuing the Provisional Student Entry Visa, this information should be inserted on the Application ton Enter Mauritius form.

    • Exceptional Documents

      Minor students (under 18 years of age) should provide the following documents:-

      • Consent letter from both parents;
      • Passport copies of both parents;
      • Marriage certificates of both parents;
      • Copy of the students birth certificates;
      • If any names does not correspond than additional documents to certify the names will be required ie. Affidavit for names change.


      Tuition fees may be paid in bank cheque, or bank transfer.  Payment is required before the start of the semester.

      Please note that all students who fail to pay their fees on or before payment deadlines will be subject to a late payment of Rs 2,000. This late payment charge will be payable on each occurrence of default, including each installment.

      Arrival in Mauritius

      Inform the admission Office about you flight details so that airport transfer can be arranges, our minibus will collect you at the airport upon your arrival.

      Should you require further information, you may contact us on +230 403-6400 or

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