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    Student testimonials

    Miss Aishwarya Mehta

    BSc Honours Business Management (Year 1)

    “I feel I have made the perfect decision in choosing to study at Middlesex University in Mauritius. The campus atmosphere is very friendly, welcoming and open to different people with different interests. The interactions with staff and tutors have a more personal tone. It was very easy to settle in quickly and make friends.

    “It’s a privilege for me to get a well recognized UK degree at a reasonable price. My course is interesting and interactive, the lecturers are excellent and very approachable and my experience so far has been fantastic. Middlesex University in Mauritius is an ideal mix of great academics and a great social life, in a beautiful location.”

    Miss Ketsia Moonien

    BSc Honours Information Technology and Business Information Systems

    “I chose Middlesex University because I wanted a British degree that will allow me to work anywhere.

    “One of the best things about studying here is the devotion of the lecturers, who give one-on-one attention and are passionate about helping students. They bring real-life examples and scenarios to the classes, which really helps with your understanding of the issues.”

    Mr Jasmeet Singh Jassal

    BSc Honours Business Management (Year 2)

    “I chose to study from a foreign university so that I could get international exposure and be able to interact with students and teachers from other countries. While studying I also hope to make important contacts and networks, which could be useful in my future career.

    “I chose Middlesex University Mauritius Branch Campus because I wanted to have the best of the British education system in a comfortable environment with a similar cultural background to that of my own country. I will surely make the best use of this learning opportunity.”

    Miss Soriana Narayana Goundan

    LLB Honours Bachelor of Law (Year 2)

    “Middlesex University is the best place to learn and grow. I opted for Middlesex

    University in Mauritius after learning about their interactive style of teaching and strong emphasis they place on face-to-face learning.

    “The degree programme, combined with the knowledgeable and helpful lecturers, has provided me with a sound body of legal knowledge, as well as analytical skills and discipline.”

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