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    Student Life can't get any better than it does at Middlesex Mauritius!

    If you're planning to live at home while you study and commute to university, we'll help you find the right balance between campus and home life, whatever your commitments.

    University and home life balance

    We have spaces to learn and spend time between classes when you're on campus during the day. There are also plenty of ways to get involved in our student community after class.

    Flexible ways to work on campus

    We'll support you to make the most of study time between classes.

    • Free e-textbooks and digital resources including e-journals.
    • Spaces for group work and private study.
    • Access to printers.
    • The library is open from 8:30 am until 8 pm from Monday to Friday and from 8:30 am until noon on Saturdays.

    Our Learning Resource Centre

    Digital resources to use at home

    When you want to study from home, we make sure you have digital access to everything you need. You can revise from your favourite spot in your bedroom or write your coursework after you’ve finished work.

    You pick where and when you want to learn.

    Study and research resources offered

    Study time is anytime as the Hornsey library is largely accessible digitally. I have no issues seeking out relevant study materials off-campus.

    Elizabeth Oluwafunmibi Akinokun, IT/BIS Yr3 (Top up)

    Get involved in our student community

    There's a welcoming and open community of students on our campus. When you spend time in our social spaces, it’s easy to meet new people who travel like you as well as students who live close to university.

    Get off campus together

    Show your new friends around your favourite parts of the West Coast – and further away – when you feel like going off campus. We are five minutes from the beautiful Flic-en-Flac beach and within walking distance from the Cascavelle Mall as well as other attractions.

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