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    We've got a support network to get you through any problems during your time at Middlesex

    Academic Support

    We'll help you develop the academic skills you need to do well on your course. At Middlesex, we offer courses and pathways to suit everyone, whatever your background. Challenging, practice-led and progressive, our courses fully prepare you for life after graduation.

    We'll help you realise your creative potential by encouraging you to come up with your own ideas and explore your passions. Through opportunities to apply your knowledge to real-life scenarios, you will be equipped with the skills you need to succeed in your chosen career

    Support for your learning

    You’ll find Student Learning Assistants - experienced students from the years above - in your seminars, workshops and small group sessions if and when required. Their personal experience means they understand some of the challenges that you might face - hence, they can help you to learn.

    Library and specialist learning support

    • Get expert advice from our library helpdesk about things like searching for resources or how to use specialist software.
    • One-to-one tutorials to learn skills like referencing at an advanced level can also be picked up courtesy of the learning enhancement team.

    Our Learning Resource Centre

    Difficulty with study

    Sometimes there are things happening in your life outside university that make studying more difficult. Sometimes it’s your course that you find difficult.

    Whatever your personal challenge, we have a special team who work with you. They'll help you progress to the next year of your course and go on to complete your degree successfully.

    Disability support

    Middlesex University is committed to ensuring that disability does not create a barrier to participation in learning and teaching, facilities and services for existing and prospective students. Our facilities accommodate wheelchair users and ensure one can move around the campus without any difficulty. Our friendly and welcoming staff is always available to provide help and support.

    Personal support

    We’ll help you deal with any financial, practical, or legal difficulties that come up when you’re studying at Middlesex. We can give you one-to-one support through appointments, phone calls and email as well as online and printed information and workshops. Our advice is confidential, and we won’t judge you.

    If we can't help you, we will point you in the direction of external services that can.

    Advice before you apply

    Get in touch via our contact form if you are thinking about studying at Middlesex Mauritius and would like to talk to us; or call us on +2304036400.


    Our free confidential counselling service can help you with personal, practical, academic, or financial issues. We make sure that you have the information and advice you need to help to you through these times.

    We give one-to-one counselling sessions and group workshops. We will also give consultations and refer you to other specialists.

    International student support

    We are proud to have a large number of international students from over 38 countries studying at our campus. We understand that studying overseas can be overwhelming, and that much preparation is required. We therefore have an International Student Advisor who will guide you and help you before you arrive and ensure your time with us is as rewarding and problem-free as possible.

    Contact our International Student Advisor

    Visa support

    Laws in Mauritius require all non-national students to obtain a residence permit (study visa) for the duration of their studies. Middlesex University Mauritius assists students during the visa application process for studying on any of our academic programmes.

    The procedure for applying for a residence permit cannot commence until you have accepted our offer of admission, cleared all academic conditions (if any), submitted medicals and paid your tuition fee deposit. Once we receive all your documents, we will apply at the Passport and Immigration Office for a provisional entry permit on your behalf. The process usually takes approximately 21 days. You are advised to apply and pay as early as possible if you require a residence permit.

    Applying for a residence permit

    Airport Transfer

    Middlesex University Mauritius offers a student experience with a difference! We offer a complimentary airport pick-up service for all international students arriving in Mauritius.   We want to ensure our students have a smooth and safe arrival to their new home.

    Medical Guidance

    It is compulsory for all international students to be covered by medical insurance, the cost is included in the fees.

    On arrival

    Health officials from the Ministry of Health will perform a malaria test on campus for all international students arriving from the Africa region within their first week and every time they enter Mauritius.

    Within the first month, all new international students must undergo medical tests at a local medical laboratory (cost to be borne by the student) and submit the results and your new address for the University to apply for their Residence Permit.  Once you have received the Residence Permit, then only you can open a Mauritian bank account.

    Pre-Arrival Support

    We have a welcome guide specifically designed for international students. This will be emailed to you along with the Provisional Entry Permit. The guide contains useful information about preparing for studying abroad and what to expect when you arrive.

    This guide covers topics such as general information about Mauritius and accommodation options, arranging medical insurance, part-time work and also guidance on what to bring with you.

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